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This app is perfect for what I’m using it for, but it crashes every single time I try and edit the “Terms & Conditions” section. Please fix!!

Simple and easy. Quick.

My only complaint was I had no choice but to send a due date. That should be optional. But maybe that gives the customer the extra push to pay... No I have another dislike. Which is it might could either save an invoice to reload another time or be able to reload a PDF that was made by the app. But I retyped a few things and copy'n'paste and done.. Like they say there's other apps that you can pay for that has those options. Meanwhile this app is free. The only advertisement I've seen is them advertising their own computer version software of this app and it only shows after you see your invoice as a preview or send options a page pops up afterwords where they ask for you to rate and review this app. Which randomly shows either the computer software ad or the rate and review page. I assume after I'm done it will only show the ad.

Easy and wuick

I like it. Serves the purpose. Ad detailed or not as you want it to be

Get this!

Such a great app! Highly recommended!

Great app

Very productive and usefully, easy to manage.

Easy as pie

A friend who lost his work partner was falling behind on his invoicing and asked if I could help out. I found you problem solved

Perfect for the professional or weekend warrior

Very clean and easy to use. I do odd jobs and contract labor in the evenings and weekends and this app is great for sending folks a straight forward clear invoice!

Just amazing

This invoice app has been such a good thing for me. I’m a free lance person and needed an invoice creator on my phone. BAM!!! Thank you.

Super easy to use

It made the process of sending an invoice from my iPhone so easy!


Easy to create, save and send. Makes my life a little simpler.

Great app

Great app


Just plain awesome.. Thank you very much and great job!!

Simply a great app

Easy to use and send invoices. Love it! Thank you

Easy, simple, professional

I am so excited to find this app. It made printing/sending invoices simple. My husband and use it daily for our new small business. I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer!


Small business owners do everything with excellence and focus. Your app adds the final touch that shows that we mean business! Thank you!

Chef Joel El Cangri

I love it it’s very easy not complicated at all it’s amazing 10 times better the other application that I had for Invoice oh my God I have to recommend it 100%

Quick and Easy App

Love it!

Quick and easy!

This app has saved me so much time! I just needed to create a quick, basic invoice and it helped me do just that! I’ll never use my template on my computer or any other invoice app again! Highly recommended!

Quick & Easy

Email or print invoices easily. Very simple template. No extras- does not keep track of billing, no payment portal, no reports. If you don’t necessarily need all of the extras, this one is for you. They do have another app available with all the extras if you need that.

The best invoice creator! Amazing is free!!! The best of the best

Awesome app!! The best with Capital letters!!! The most perfect business tool ever !!💥💥💥👌

best free invoice

Better than any invoice app i’ve used so far...If you do everything from your phone like i do: look no further!


Finally, an app that offers exactly what it says it will, is easy to use, performs perfectly, and doesn’t try to charge you for anything! Hallelujah! Great job!

Quick, Easy, Perfect!

Love how simple this app is! It is everything it says it is! Quick, super easy, just what I needed!

Just 1 more feature to make a 5 star rating

This is a quick and simple app. The item entry is infinitely flexible. No need to make pre-defined items. The one feature that is missing is the ability to import customer info from iOS Contacts. That would definitely make this a 5 stars app!

Easy simple clear

This is a great simple app that I downloaded because I needed a quick invoice and was able to make one minutes after downloading. Easy simple set up. Calculates everything for you. No adds or buying anything


Super easy to make invoices I love it. Simple as direct. Love it and will keep using this for my family business

States are missing

When inputting address information the United States is not available on the pulled down list and you can not type your state.

Easy to create invoice

Thank you for this fabulous gem! Keep up the good work!


Love it. Highly functional easy to use. Simple as can be

Loved it.

Fantastic app. Used it and still using it to email my clients invoices of jobs I have done so far. If only the invoices don't vanish after phone idling. Other than that I really loved it and you can even print it after you send it to your own email. I rate it as a 4.5 star.

Great App

Easy to use


Since invoice to go has started charging this new invoice program is working just fine. Thanks so much for this app

Invoice generator

Simple and straightforward

App review

App is on point simple easy to use fast highly recommended for fast and simple invoices and micro businesses


I really love this app

Easy to use quick turnout

Love this free app.

Great app!

Just started my company. We are long haul truck drivers. This is perfect for sending invoices while on the road. Very easy to use and he invoice looks great.

Quick & Easy

Very quick & easy!


Simple & Easy! 👍🏾👍🏾


Easy, great!

Great app

Great simple and easy to use. The only thing missing is the ability to add a logo.

Great app

I love my experience with the app

Greg App!!!!

This app is functional and easy to use. I own a roofing business and I can send out an invoice from the comfort of my truck. No office required. Excellent! Thanks for making it!

Works great

Easy to use, fast and love that it's free. Also like for on the go!

wow !!

Easy to use, and very nice ! I have only done one but plan to try many more .


Great app, very useful !!!

Perfect for me!!!

I'm just starting my business and I really like this app because it's easy to use and it's simple! Thank you very much.

Not bad

Still messing with the software not bad for free. When you try to save it to the iCloud it gives an error unable to access iCloud Drive.

Great app

Easy to use

Love this app.

So easy and fast! Will definitely continue using this app.

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